Choosing the Right Industrial Container

An industrial container is a container used for storing and transporting industrial goods.

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  • What are the different types of industrial containers?

    Craemer pallet box

    Craemer pallet box

    There are four main categories of industrial containers:

    • Crates: These are the most commonly used industrial containers. You’ll mainly find plastic crates, wood crates, and metal crates. Some are used to store standard, non-hazardous goods. Others can be used to transport chemicals, and are reinforced to prevent leaks.
    • Pallet boxes: These are containers with a pallet base. They can be transported with a forklift truck.
    • Intermodal containers: These are either shipping containers loaded onto container ships or very large containers used to store non-liquid bulk goods (garbage containers, for example).
    • Picking bins: These bins are used to store small parts, often hardware placed on workbenches.

    Types of Industrial Containers:

    • Crates
    • Pallet boxes
    • Intermodal containers
    • Picking bins
  • What are the criteria for choosing an industrial container?

    Pegasus-storage picking bin

    Pegasus-storage picking bin

    The criteria for choosing an industrial container are:

    • Capacity (volume)
    • Dimensions
    • Material (wood, metal, cardboard, polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE))
    • Type of walls and bottom (perforated or solid)
    • Color (different colors are available, allowing you to choose one color per product and have better industrial organization)
    • Standards and certifications (Euronorm, VDA for the automotive industry)
    • The application: Is it intended to be used for the food industry? The automotive industry?

    Criteria for Choosing an Industrial Container:

    • Capacity
    • Dimensions
    • Material
    • Type of walls and bottom
    • Color
    • Standards
    • Application
  • What are the different options for an industrial container?

    Manergo container

    Manergo container

    There are several options for industrial containers depending on your needs.

    • Foldable containers
    • Containers with handles are particularly useful in the food industry for easy handling of containers used for washing, for example.
    • Containers with dividers that run lengthways or transversely for better compartmentalization of contents.

    Options for an Industrial Container:

    • Stackable
    • Foldable
    • With handles
    • With lid
    • With separator
    • On wheels
    • Interlocking
  • Which container should you choose for your application?

    Containex container

    Containex container

    Your choice of container depends on the application.

    • For indoor storage, opt for containers with separators and picking bins which, thanks to their front opening, make it easier to pick up stored products.
    • For transport by truck or boat, opt for large containers.

    Make sure you also choose containers that meet the right industry standards.

    • For the automotive industry, choose containers that meet the VDA automotive standard, such as Odette containers.
    • For the food industry, choose containers that meet food standards and the requirements of your business (butchery, vegetables, poultry farming, fishing, etc.).
    • For electronics, opt for ESD models, which allow industrial containers to be in contact with electronic components, thus avoiding electrostatic charges.
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